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Oldest Bonsai Tree in the World listed on this topic. Usually experienced bonsai master artists, depending on their individual experience, estimate or judge the approximate age of an old bonsai tree-based mostly on tree characteristics, such as the tree of diameter, trunk’s diameter, bark material, thickness, type of sapwood, leaf material, root system, and most importantly, the tree’s age. This estimation is certainly subjective or even sometimes biased, and hence cannot give sufficiently precise age of ancient trees. It is also very difficult to judge the effects of tree disease or pests in older trees, and they become even more difficult to assess when the tree is well-maintained.

A Japanese hinoki cypress tree has an estimated age of about fourteen years old. This hinoki cypress was bought from a local farmer in a southern state of Japan. The farmer had bought the hinoki cypress from the nursery that specializing in bonsai plantings. When he found out that the tree was actually one hundred and ten years old, he called the local garden center and reported the tree. The gardener, however, could not find the tree at the nursery but found it in a nearby forest twenty miles away.

Oldest Bonsai Tree in the World - Awesome!

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Experts have established the approximate age at one thousand years old. The oldest known bonsai trees belong to the Juniperus virginiana family. There are numerous stories about where this tree was discovered. Most commonly it is said that it was found in the woods of Siberia by Japanese fishermen. Some specialists suggest that it might be a relative of the cypress tree.

There are several rumors regarding the age of the oldest bonsai trees in the world. In some cases, these claims turn out to be true. For instance, the discovery of the so-called “Shimano tea tree” in 1827 was considered a real breakthrough. It was stated at the time that this particular plant had been found growing wild in Shimane, Japan. The specimen was taken to a laboratory and then successfully reproduced. Japanese scientists showed that it was, indeed, the oldest garden tea in the world.

There are still many people today who love to keep these old bonsai trees as part of their collections. They can bring some sense of nostalgia and mystery to their lives. You might be surprised to learn that the Japanese art of Bonsai is not solely practiced by people from Japan. There are many enthusiasts all over the world who are as interested in the ancient traditions of bonsai trees as anyone else. These people share the common desire to know the history of these trees and the art behind them.

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